Commit 44b000ea authored by Jari Sundell's avatar Jari Sundell Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #108 from chros73/fix_honoring_file_allocate

Fix honoring system.file.allocate.set=0 rtorrent config setting
parents 18cd543c b1fd06be
......@@ -177,13 +177,14 @@ File::resize_file() {
if (m_size == SocketFile(m_fd).size())
return true;
// For now make it so that the fallocate flag indicates if we want
// to do potentially blocking allocation, while FS supported
// non-blocking allocation is done always.
int flags = SocketFile::flag_fallocate;
int flags = 0;
if (m_flags & flag_fallocate)
// Set FS supported non-blocking allocation flag and potentially
// blocking allocation flag if fallocate flag is set.
if (m_flags & flag_fallocate) {
flags |= SocketFile::flag_fallocate;
flags |= SocketFile::flag_fallocate_blocking;
return SocketFile(m_fd).set_size(m_size, flags);
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