Commit 767f5d01 authored by Joel Teichroeb's avatar Joel Teichroeb Committed by Jari Sundell

Don't check the HAVE_CXX11 macro (#121)

The macro only gets defined if C++11 is not required, however it
is required. Instead check if we're using c++0x as that macro will
be defined when using --enable-c++0x
parent 856d9ca8
......@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ public:
uint32_t m_flags;
#ifdef HAVE_CXX11
#ifndef HAVE_STDCXX_0X
value_type& _value() { return t_value; }
const value_type& _value() const { return t_value; }
string_type& _string() { return t_string; }
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