Commit fd8191ee authored by dishather's avatar dishather

Fix random segfaults due to write into free'd memory

In DhtServer::process_queue(), packet's transaction can be deleted by
failed_transaction(). Yet, the transaction is "cleaned" after that,
which causes write into previously freed memory (possibly into
some other object).
This fix introduces a check that the transaction still exists, and
only modifies an existing transaction.
parent 99e33c00
......@@ -796,6 +796,9 @@ DhtServer::process_queue(packet_queue& queue, uint32_t* quota) {
while (!queue.empty()) {
DhtTransactionPacket* packet = queue.front();
DhtTransaction::key_type transactionKey = 0;
transactionKey = packet->transaction()->key(packet->id());
// Make sure its transaction hasn't timed out yet, if it has/had one
// and don't bother sending non-transaction packets (replies) after
......@@ -828,7 +831,7 @@ DhtServer::process_queue(packet_queue& queue, uint32_t* quota) {
} catch (network_error& e) {
// Couldn't write packet, maybe something wrong with node address or routing, so mark node as bad.
if (packet->has_transaction()) {
transaction_itr itr = m_transactions.find(packet->transaction()->key(packet->id()));
transaction_itr itr = m_transactions.find(transactionKey);
if (itr == m_transactions.end())
throw internal_error("DhtServer::process_queue could not find transaction.");
......@@ -836,8 +839,12 @@ DhtServer::process_queue(packet_queue& queue, uint32_t* quota) {
if (packet->has_transaction())
if (packet->has_transaction()) {
// here transaction can be already deleted by failed_transaction.
transaction_itr itr = m_transactions.find(transactionKey);
if (itr != m_transactions.end())
delete packet;
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